Have you ever known
where your charity goes ?

Do you cherish
the happiness of charity,
knowing that your charity has helped some body?

Don't you feel that your charity makes person further more dependent on charity ?
Do you want that our charity should multiply & benefit more?


What is a Community Centre ?
A Community Centre is a place where people of a particular area meet for conducting various activities which will be beneficial for uplifting the society.
This Community Centre can be either started in a

(1) Small Apartment , OR (2) A Building.


Our Aims , Objectives & Advantages
* Make one self reliant .
* Make one self dependent.
* Upgradation of skill & ability.
* Provide platform to talent & potentials.
*To make use of time and thus make a better concept of effective charity. Provide opportunities to showcase their talents and skills, use their knowledge & ability and generate self dependent income.
* Create Community centres to nurture the above activities and provide infrastructure to everyone.
*Making society aware of the latest technology
and thereby walking in pace with world.
*Bring the whole society under one roof, thus we join hands to help each other
*Maximum usage of the funds obtained which will be beneficial to a large mass of people
*Community centre can develop into an ideal & large market place for selling various products
*Provides various sources of income to make one stand on its own feet
*A safe and easily accessible environment imparting extensive knowledge, guidance & opportunity for people of all ages and gender, especially for people coming from Kutch.
*An ideal home for the homeless