In Homoeopathy ‘Disease’ is an outward reflection of internal disharmony. Disease is showing it through signs & symptoms.

          Meaning of word ‘Homoeos’ – similar ‘pathy’ –science.
Homoeopathy means similar science in terms of treatment. It means ‘ Like cures likes’. This doesn’t mean that heat is treated by heat and cold by cold. But it means that we can find out the system where it will cure the disease. And media would be same disease but in high power. i.e. By trituration  [kind of dilution method]And also applying kind of external physical force. This would liberate kinetic energy according to law of physics and will  cure same disease.

          The system of science is based on some principles. It induces a disease in a human body very similar to the one he is suffering from, But in higher power. So that it can overcome the original disease. As the one i.e. Artificial disease would be having more energy, the part of which is residual will be taken by our own body physiology. It is very similar to the mode of action of vaccines. Through vaccines we introduce artificial disease producing agent in low dilution. Eg, Famous scientist Edward Janer who introduced vaccine against small pox. Also antivenoms [ anti snake poison] are also based on same principle. Thus roots lie in Homoeopathy.

     The common understanding about this science is that we treat the disease and remove it from the rots. This is partly correct as we can see that our science produces very ‘similar’ and not the ‘same’ disease to the original one so as to remove it completely and gives permanent healthy cure. Thus by doing so we raise immunity. By stimulating natural defense mechanisms and conservation of bodily energy, with absence of relapses and debility. This si not that same as in Allopathy. There they kill the ‘culprit’ the disease producing agent. Thus keeping back the fighting or defense mechanism weak only. And no establishment of defend system if the same agent is going to attack again in future. While this is not in case of Homoeopathy. We prepare the human body to fight against enemies. We raise immunity and susceptibility by providing some kind of stimulus and support the system. This energy is just a ‘push’ or ‘force’ by which ultimate goal is reached.


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