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Terms and Conditions

The Members (users) must read the terms and condition before inserting the profile which they are bound by the said terms and conditions.

  1. Member must attain 18 years in case on Girl and 21 years in case of Boy and must belong to the Kutch community only , who voluntarily desires of entering his/her profile in the matrimonial section of Panjokutch.com.
  2. Member shall declare true & correct information and his/her past antecedents and in case of any false information member shall be personally liable for the consequences arising thereof .
  3. Panjokutch.com proceeds on the information supplied by the member Primafacia , and the member are at liberty to verify the contents if they so desire independently. Panjokutch.com is not responsible for any defects in the information supplied on this site
  4. Panjokutch.com is operating at the instance of Late Savita K. Shah Charitable trust , a charitable and non profit activity for the welfare of the Kutch community and services rendered to its members are free of charge. The matrimonial section is intented to provide wide information base of eligible candidates to the Kutch community. Panjokutch.com is not a commercial marriage bureau or any profit making agency. The Exchange of Profiles to Members should not be construed as any matrimonial proposal or recommendation or offer by panjokutch.com and members should maintain top secrecy and should not diverge to any third person information of any member.
  5. Panokutch.com is at liberty to reject and/or refuse and/or cancel any of the member profile at any point of time , without assigning any reason and without any prior intimation.
  6. Panjokutch.com reserves the right to use any part of the information for the common cause and welfare of the community as a whole.
  7. Panjokutch.com is not responsible for any misuse of information of any nature whatsoever.
  8. Panjokutch.com will not be responsible for any technical mistake or disruption or access difficulties / occasions occurred during accessing the site.
  9. Panjokutch.com is at liberty to alter, amend , withdraw, add and /or delete any of the above terms and conditions at any point of time.
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