Exam trauma......Lets face it
Pre-Preparation | Easy Learning Techniques | IMP Tips
Pre-Preparation For Examination
  • Attend school or college regularly, which helps you to know what is exactly required from examiner's point of view.
  • Depend on your talent & memory power & accordingly begin with your preparation.
  • Stay calm, avoid over stress & tension of examination.
  • Sleep well, previous night of exam.
  • Wake up early on the day of exam.
  • Don't rush for any crash courses or last minute study material unnecessarily.
  • Prepare your studying schedule well in advance giving more weight-age to difficult subjects & as far as possible stick to it.
  • Keeping less time for study is not bad, but during that less time be very sincere in studying.
  • In leisure time it is advisable to take rest & have a good sleep or meditate.
  • Spent some time in watching T.V, listening music, playing or any other activities you like.
  • You can select places like terrace, library, your room or any other silent place where you won't get disturbed by anybody to study.
  • Higher the degree of concentration, more the knowledge absorbed & better the memory.
  • Have a questioning mind to excite your own thinking.
  • Re-inforce the poorly learnt areas.
Easy Learning Techniques
  • For studying, pick up difficult part first & for a change shift to easier part of portion.
  • Accompain your learning with slow, soft, rythmetic music, if you have liking for it.
  • Group study is preferable if you have good study circle.
  • Once you get the timetable start revision for last exam at least 45 days in advance, so that you get approx. 3 days before your first exam to get prepared for it.
  • Prepare key words for your answer by taking first letters of each points of the answer.
  • Revise entire syllabours by closing the eyes while sitting in a comfortable posture.
  • Form funny associations to the answer for it's easy remembering.
Tips to be remembered on the day of exam
  • Carefully carry all the requirements like I-card/hall ticket, calculator (if needed), ball pens, pencils, ruler, etc....
  • Spent at least first 5 - 7 minutes in reading the question paper properly.
  • Always first attempt objective questions or grammar in language.
  • Than attempt the questions with which you are well prepared.
  • After you get the paper pattern allot time for each question according to their marks. If you can't finish with certain questions within time allotted, leave it & start with new question.
  • As far as possible convey your answer by highlihted points or image/graphic rather than long explaination.
  • Always start main question with new page.
  • Use pensil or any light coloured scatch pen rather than red pen/scatch pen.
  • Draw margins on left & right side.
  • Length of answer depends on marks allotted.
  • Maintain reasonable speed of writing from the beginning.
  • If possible recheck your paper before submission.
  • Avoid copying from another's paper as that person's answer could be wrong.
  • As per the instruction tie your answer sheets with extra blank sheet (if you think you need it) ten minute before final bell.
  • Have physical & mental rest or do prayer or some kind of meditation for 15 minutes before you enter examination hall to keep mind calm.
  • Don't discuss the question paper with your friends after exam as it may cause nervousness & tension if you have attempted any question improperly & hence it may affect your preparation for next paper.
  • In exams it is advisable to go with regular ballpen instead of new one, as you are use to it so that you can write quickly & without any discomfort.
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