Party Management

Successful party is when you have made your guest feel welcome & comfortable, after all "Guests are a form of God" - "Atithi Devo Bhava". A good host is one who can manage party chores efficiently. To help you out, here are few tips:

Pre-party planning
Plan your party keeping in mind The Theme (reason) of the party, which can be - birthday, anniversary, baby birth, topped in exams, business or other achievement, festival, kitty parties, casual or formal get to gather, etc...

Party need not be arranged on the date of occasion, but select the date convenient for you & your guest. Weekends or a night before holiday are most suggested for any event.

Set a budget & stick to it. Allot monetary amount to each item & plan accordingly. A predefined budget will help you to take many decisions such as:

No. of invitee




Return gift




Number of Invitees:
First list down all the relatives, neighbours, friends & colleagues of all family members. Now short-list them according to decided number. It is advisable to prepare permanent list of near & dear ones.


Select venue where you can accommodate all invitees, make arrangements for dinner & entertainment, etc. Venue can be:

Home Terrace Open ground Hall Resort
Restaurant Outdoor - garden, beach, etc. Ship Pool / Club

Where ever is the venue take care of:

  • Enough open space for guests to move.
  • Enough sitting arrangements.
  • Separate dinning area.
  • Space reserved for games or entertainment program, if any.
  • Have a designated area for guests' valuables & gifts

Once date & venue is fixed start sending invitation immediately, giving enough time to guest to plan ahead. Guests can be invited by:

Post Phone SMS Email Personal visit
Do not forget to include following points while invitation.
  • Purpose to party.
  • Date, timings & venue address with land marks.
  • Dress code, if any or any special requirement for outdoor party.

Delicious food can make your party memorable. While planning menu:

  • Try something new.
  • Along with your choice remember the general taste acceptability.
  • Select items according to theme & age group invited. For family invitation consider every ones choice.
  • For a long party, menu can be divided in parts.
  • Expect few more guests & plan quantity accordingly.
  • Exclusive crockery set shall enhance your delicious food even more.

Few tips to make your party lively:

  • Playing music according to the age group, mood & theme of the party.
  • Keeping games ready, age wise with properties required & deciding the person to conduct them.
  • Organizing dance or other cultural programs of kids & youngsters, thus providing them platform to demonstrate their talent.
  • Hiring clowns or arranging for magic shows, puppet shows, etc. for kids
  • Arranging for an orchestra, kavi samelan, dayro, plays, etc. for grown ups.
Decoration & Checklist
  • Before decoration, cleanliness should be the first criteria for consideration. Even if part is held outside the home, visit the venue a day before party & check out for cleanliness.
  • Decoration is important to make our guests feel welcomed.
  • Decoration can be fresh flowers bouquet or some handicraft piece or use of new upholstery or decoration with ribbons & balloons for kids.


List of invitees Camera, roll, batteries Crockery set Upholstery
Decorative articles List of games Properties for games CDs & cassette
First aid kit Return gift, chocolates Help line Emergency light
Personal grooming of every family member - dress, jewellery & other accessories. Contact nos. of concerned people for venue, menu, games, photography, etc.
During party
It is a party day & take care:
Timely approach:
  • Keep yourself ready at least half an hour before party.
  • Serve food on time.
  • Take care that entertainment programs, if any starts on time.


  • Always wear a smile, remain calm & enthusiastic to welcome your guests.
  • Do not argue unnecessarily & change the topic if you check out argument elsewhere.
  • Do not be partial to attend guests at a time.
  • Also take care that every guest have their meal & receive their gift.
  • Check out food from time to time, in case of shortage, immediately order from nearby restaurant.
After party
When the party is over do not forget to make last best impression:
  • Call up every invitee or at least send thanking note along with the photograph.
  • Try to collect comments if possible; this will help you to plan next party.
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