Personality Development

Personality is not one's single quality. It is the combination of several factors. One's personality should be attractive & impressive. Following are some of the factors, which make your personality impressive & effective.

Dressing style - Impression at first sight
According to occasion:
  • Dressing style should depend on occasion, crowd of people.
  • Wear casuals & informal dress for friend's party, picnics, outing etc....
  • Ladies can wear sarees/ salwar kameez/ sarara etc in marriage, social or religious functions etc... & jeans, T-shirt/tops, 3/4 pant etc...For picnics, outing etc...
  • Gents can were chudidaar, safari, suit in social & religious function & casuals & informal in picnic, outing.
  • It's better to go with metal jewellery rather than plastic one.
  • Never hide your personality by overloading yourself with jewellery & other accessories.

For business work

  • A suit/dress with broad shoulders suggests authority.
  • Always go for formal dresses & polished shoes.
  • Ensure that your cloths are properly ironed, free from stain, buttons in place.
  • Ensure that your jewellery/shoes don't cause any voice.
  • Keep your hair properly set.

According to body type
For short & stout women:

  • Avoid cloths with horizontal lines, large round collars & also hip lenght coats.
  • Select tops/T-shirts, sarees having light & thin design & boarder.
  • If you are wearing saree, wear blouze of same colour rather than contrast one.
  • You can wear shoes having platform heal.
  • Cloths with vertical lines will make her appear taller.
  • Cloths should not be too tight or too loose.
  • Wear dress with plain, well fitted, full sleeve.
  • Long 'khamiz' with flare, loose covering pf saree especially round the hips, will hide the size of the wearer.
  • Wear cloth of solid colour & a small all over design.
  • Choose rayon, crepe, linen in 'khamiz' & heavy georgette & soft south Indian silk, kashamiri silk in saree.
  • Prefer shoulder cut hair. Don't make parting & comb your hair straight upward. You can take your hair to little height by back coaming.

For tall & stout women:

  • Wear dress with diagonal line, not fitted one & avoid dress having special decorative puffed sleeves.
  • Avoid cloths that are too tight & short, as you will look taller.
  • Avoid showy, bulky decorative & bright coloured cloths
  • Cloths with straight line in collar, pocket, belt are preferred.

For short & slender women:

  • Keep your hair short.
  • Select medium sized accessories.
  • Little loose-fitting clothes are advisable.
  • Vertical lines on dress give height.
  • Avoid various cuts & intricate patterns & large prints.
  • Wear soft, light weighted materials.
  • Avoid wearing cloths of contras colour.

For tall & slender women:

  • Choose cloth with horizontal lines
  • Have long hair, make a loose bun at the nape of the neck.
  • Use accessories of contrast colour.
  • Wear loose, easy fitting clothes.
  • Wear puffed sleeves, padded shoulders, cloths of different type of trimming.
  • Prefer 3/4 length of coats rather than full length.
  • Choose stiff material like organdie, taffetta etc...that stand out.
  • Cotton saris gives width & make lady appear heavy.
  • Cloths with drop shouldered yokes, flared back coats, yokes with horizontal lines help to hide height & broaden the width
Communication Skill - Spoken words are reflection of your personality

Business talk

  • Be gentle & humble while talking to any businessperson, government officers, banking person etc....
  • While talking, be clear in your pronunciation.
  • Don't argue unnecessarily; first listen carefully to other person.
  • Talking too loudly/too slowly shows your nervousness.
  • While attending any important conference instead of getting disturbed & shouting on phone, keep phone on voice-mail.
  • While being in crowd, you should excuse yourself to talk on phone.
  • Talk to the point.
  • List down the points to be discussed before starting meeting.
  • Your tone should be respectful & polite.
  • Your speech should reveal your confidence & positive attitude towards your policies & aims.

Casual talk

  • Your tone should be friendly one.
  • Have a good sense of humour.
  • Don't fill bad or inferior when your friends are teasing you but face them smartly & joyfully.

Social talk

  • Be polite while talking.
  • To convince a child about some thing, tell him its positive/negative points as per the situation.
  • Always ask elder relative about their health.
  • Think a lot before talking. Your words shouldn't harm anyone's feelings. Spoken words never come back.
  • While talking on phone, talk softly so that person surrounding you don't get disturbed.

Talk with strangers

  • While being at any public place, keep in mind that people surrounding you, are watching you.
  • Talking very loudly with anybody seems to like a quarrelling.
  • Do not entertain him/her for long time.
  • At the same time all strangers are not fraud
Posture - A good indicator of confidence


  • Keep your leg under the chair & take care that your leg shouldn't touch anybody.
  • While travelling by bus/train squeeze yourself & allow others to sit.
  • Keep your legs properly, so that it doesn't become hurdles for other to walk.
  • Don't keep your leg on table front of you unless you are alone at home.
  • Sit straight, touching your back to the chair.


  • While in any business meeting don't keep your hand on waist.
  • Don't keep your one leg on the chair or a small table while talking to somebody.
  • Give equal pressure on both legs rather than lean on to one side.
  • Be careful that you do not look rigid.
  • Keep your chin upwards and face forward
  • While standing don't band from your back.


  • Do not move your hands freely while walking.
  • Lift your legs & walk, don't rub it with ground.
  • Do not make noise of your footwear while climbing or getting down from steps.
  • Take care that your dupatta doesn't sweep the road.
  • Avoid setting your hair.
Gesture - Talk is made more powerful by animation

Business meeting

  • If any client comes, shake hands & offer a sit.
  • Eye contact is very important while talking; it gives satisfaction of being heard to the opposite person.
  • Ensure your gesture matches with your speech.
  • Other facial expression like of surprise, anger, happiness, curiosity, sadness etc... are also important.
  • Your gesture should not overcast your spoken words.
  • Equally important is to avoid disturbing gestures like biting nails, putting pencil in your mouth, shaking legs, crackling fingers, etc...


  • Eye contact with audience is very important.
  • Ensure your gesture matches with your speech.
  • Keep your chin upwards and face forward.
  • Pin up your 'dupatta' etc… & fold your hair properly, so that it won't disturb & distract you.


  • Join your hands or bow down to any elder person.
  • To stop a child from doing something, just broaden your eyes little instead of shouting & scolding
  • Avoid playing with your hair, earring or any jewellery.
  • Keep smiling face.
  • Equally important is to avoid disturbing gestures like biting nails, putting pencil in your mouth, shaking legs, crackling fingers, etc..
Manners/Etiquette - Behaviour arrives before talent

Formal etiquette

  • While entering any one's cabin/room, knock first & ask for permission.
  • Stand up when any chairperson or senior person comes in & sit after he sits.
  • While meeting any business/government person, have a sit only when offered.
  • When two people are talking, do not interrupt between them.

Social etiquette

  • Use napkins or tissue paper to clean perspiration or wet hand.
  • Pushing others is considered aggressive.
  • While being in cinema hall or conference room, set mobile to vibrate
  • Avoid praising your beauty/heavy jewellery i.e. unnecessary show off.
  • When two people are talking, do not interrupt between them.

Dining table manners

  • Speak softly.
  • Don't keep elbows on table while eating.
  • Avoid touching your hair, face, head.
  • Don't push your plate & bowl, after you finished.
  • Avoid talking with your mouth full.
  • While chewing some thing, don't make noise of it.

While in public

  • Talk softly.
  • Through rough papers or any garbage in dust bean only.
  • Do not spit anywhere in public.
  • Do not tease or make fun of anybody.
  • Help any disable (handicap/old people).
  • Take due care of public property
Inner beauty - A long lasting impression of your Personality

Positive attitude-

  • Optimistic & one with positive attitude search for flowers from the bunch of thrones.
  • Always be & think positive.
  • Do not end up the work before it's beginning by concentrating on negative factors.
  • Keep one thing in mind "Whatever happen, happens for good".
  • Risk & positive out look is essential for success.

Confidence - A key to survive in this world.

  • It is one's own capabilities combined with sincere efforts; help one to achieve greater success.
  • Never loose your confidence due to fear of being rejected.
  • Confidence enables us to put our thoughts in better words & good manner.
  • We can highlight our good points with confidence so that our lacking points do not come in picture.
  • Confidence is fruitful but over confidence is harmful.

Self enrichment

  • Knowledge enables you to argue, discuss, give opinion, frame decision etc...
  • As far as possible develop more & more knowledge through books, computers, television, news paper etc.....
  • Regularly update yourself with current affairs.
  • Take threat as a challenge & motivate yourself to face it.
  • You can learn a lot from challenges & mistakes you made.
  • Try to find out your strength & use it to overcome your weaknesses.
  • Opportunity knocks once, so grab it without much thinking.
  • Understand the importance of 'Time', once it gone will never come back.
  • Hard work, sincerity, honesty, dedication, commitment are also equally important.
  • Technical as well as managerial knowledge of any task should be clear before starting with it.
  • Be foresighted, creative, and practical to make things happen.
  • Contacts are critical.

Self esteem- A sense of personal worth.

  • Believe in yourself & world will believe you.
  • Never fill inferior as no man is perfect.
  • Every person is specialized in particular field.
  • Don't compare yourself with others.
  • Don't get pressurized by others unnecessarily.
Dealing with others


  • Make him aware of your activities & accomplishments.
  • If you can't cope up with his speed, let him know indirectly i.e. saying that "Sir, you are ahead of time"
  • Don't argue with him & try to get what he wants to convey.
  • Don't talk in between when he is talking.
  • Solve your queries with him after he finishes his talk.
  • Thoroughly understand what exactly he wants you to do.


  • Explain them what is needed & why it is needed?
  • Give training if required.
  • Do not interfere with their way of working as far as they are on right track.
  • Along with responsibility give adequate authority to the subordinates to get better result.
  • Take regular back up & inspection of work done.


  • Treat them as a friend.
  • You can make certain moments of your work time light by joking or sharing funny incidence or thoughts.
  • Provide help when needed.


  • Understand their nature, thinking etc...
  • Share your feelings & thoughts with those friends who, you think are right for that.
  • Understand when they are joking & when they are serious.
  • If you come across some wrong thing about any friend, have direct talk with him/her instead of creating misunderstanding.


  • Everyone have their own point of view, so listen to all of them & do what you feel.
  • As far as possible invite them personally for any occasion/function
  • Look after for their comforts & make them feel relaxed.
  • Don't be partial in attending guests.
  • Those relatives, who are very close to you, part the responsibility of any arrangements with them. They will also feel good for being recognized.
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