Enjoy Shopping…Getting more out of less
Basic Thumb Rules
  • High price doesn't mean good quality.
  • Give first priority to quality & durability & than to price.
For Cloths
  • Emphasis on material's quality.
  • Compare price with quality & work (design). For e.g. hand embroidery is costlier than machine embroidery.
  • Avoid such cloths whose colour get stick to the skin due to perspiration or any other reason.
  • Always ask for bill, so that exchange or any damage can be handled easily.
  • Do not rush blindly for any famous designer's cloth or for buying from any well known shopping mall only.
  • While buying any readymade cloths, be sure of double stitch or over lock, etc.
  • Take any other person like friend, sister etc… along with you, to make quick & proper decisions regarding shopping
For Jewellery
  • Never buy any gold/silver or any precious item from any unknown shop, as you can't rely on shopkeeper regarding purity of gold.
  • Be sure of purity of gold/silver.
  • Prefer 24 or 22 carat gold.
  • Be clear about price of gold & making charges.
  • Always ask for bill even if you are buying a very small thing.
  • Bills help you to easily exchange any item with new one or any damages if found can be get repaired quickly & even for reselling as shopkeeper shall be assured that it is purchased from his shop only.
Electric Home Appliances
  • Never go for direct purchase, first inquire at 3-4 shops, collect their catalogue.
  • Compare prices &services offered by various companies & accordingly place order.
  • Collect guarantee & warrantee card.
  • Always ask for bill.
  • Ensure regular & quick servicing.
  • If possible take a person along with you who has good knowledge of such items.
  • Tell shopkeeper to deliver it to your home & install properly.
  • Understand all function & parts of the appliance.
  • Purchase such items, which have multi purpose uses. For e.g. one appliance which have combine facility of mixer, grinder, juicer, etc.
  • Along with brand & quality give equal importance to ISI mark.
Non-Electric Home Appliances
  • If you are purchasing any furniture keep following things in mind;
    1. It is matching with your home colour & structure.
    2. Space it occupies. If available prefer folding furniture.
    3. Price.
    4. Durability.
  • Keep latest trend in mind while shopping curtains, mattress, etc.
Daily Necessities
  • Keep a writing pad handy in the kitchen for listing items that are running low.
  • Plan tentative menus ahead and use them as a guide when making a shopping list.
  • Divide your list according to types (Vegetables, Spices, Milk, Medicines etc. etc.) to save you steps when shopping.
  • List quantities, sizes and brands you require.
  • Keep up to date on foods in season when they are usually less expensive.
  • Keep yourself update with seasonal sales.
  • Try to shop when the stores are least crowded.
  • Buy according to your family's needs and preferences, considering how much money you have to spend and how much storage space you have.
  • Always note the weight on packages.
  • Recognize the signs of quality in foods. For example, you avoid wrinkled or over-ripe fruits and vegetables.
  • Always check AGMARK before buying food item.
  • If you can use bulk quantity conveniently go for it & buy from wholesale market.
  • Never choose packages, which are torn or leaking.
  • Don't buy foods or medicines, whose expiry date has pass away.
  • Place refrigerated or frozen items in the shopping cart last, right before heading for the checkout counter.
  • If you find certain items of a particular shop are good & reasonable, prefer buying from that shop only.
  • If you are unknown to the area, compare prices & quality of any item in different shops & than purchase from the shop, which satisfies you.
On The Trip Home
  • Buy perishable item at the end of shopping time.
  • Don't make unnecessary stops on the way home from the grocery. If you live farther away than 30 minutes, place perishables in a cooler with ice.
  • The moment you reach home, immediately load perishable items in refrigerator.
  • An attractive-looking Internet site does not necessarily mean the company is legitimate.
  • Consider shopping only with well known companies or companies you already know.
  • Use the same tactics you would use when purchasing items in a store, by mail, or over the telephone.
  • Always ask for printed information, such as a brochure or catalog be mailed to you.
  • Be sure to ask about the company's refund and exchange policy before you buy anything.
  • Don't give your personal financial information.
  • Use a secure browser, one that can scramble credit numbers or other personal data.*
  • Be hesitant if someone asks you to reveal your passwords or any information used to install your online service.
  • As the popularity of the Internet increases, so too will the deceptive advertising, travel scams and bogus contests that have been around for years.
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