۾پ ۵ ת .
۾پ ۨ ת . ۨ ת ۛ ې ת .

In every religion, there are different Mantras.
Jain religion also has many Mantras. But amongst all these,Navkar Mantra is the King of all Mantras.

ת۾ ù . ת۾ ۦۥ .
Navkar Mantra is of nine lines which consists of sixty seven letters.

ת ט۸̥ ۾ ۾ .
By the rcital of this Mantra, we are bowingto the Panch-Parmeshthi.

۾ ۨ ۶ ۾ .
"Namo Arihantanam" means I bow down to Arihant.

۾ ۱ۨ ۱ ە۶۶ ۾ .
"Namo Siddhanam" means I bow down to Siddha.

۱ . ת۶ ۾ ۶ ۾ ¿Û .
Arihant and Siddha are known as Dev. So in the first two lines of Navkar Mantra, we are bowing down to Dev.

۾ ¿Û¿Ûۨ
Namo Ayariyanam.

ۘ¿Û ەש۶ ۾ .
I bow down to Acharya.



۾ ۛ¿Ûۨ.
Namo Uvajjhayanam.

۵¿Û¿Û ەש۶ ۾ .
I bow down to Upadhyay.

۾ .
Namo loe savva sahunam.

۵ ەש ۾ .
I bow down to all sadhus in the universe.


ۘ¿Û, ۵¿Û¿Û ۵ ¿Û . ۨ ۾ ۾ .
Acharya, Upadhyay and Sadhu are known as Guru.Hence by these three lines we bow down to Guru.

ט ۾, ۸ۨۨ.
וۨ , ۧ וÅÛ¾ÛÕ.

۾ ۸ ו ۾ ו .

Eso panch namukkaro,Savva pav panassano;
Mangalanam cha savvesim,Padhamam hoi Mangalam.
This five-fold salutation to Dev and Guru destroys all sins and is the most auspicious of all auspicious things.

ת۶ ¿Û ۶ צ . ת۶ ۸۬ -ܩ۶ ܸ ¿Û . ۸ۨ ܶ¿Ûܾ۩ ۱ ۬ ۾ת۶ ; 鈅.
Each and every alphabet of Navakar Mantra is a treasure of divine energy. Constant recital of Navakar Ma ntra gives us happiness and peace in life. Recitation of Navakar M antra must be done regularly with full faith and trust.


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