Ashapura  Mata Fair

             In Gujrat Energy  worship have great importance.  According to the sayings of the people the Jadejas become the first ruler of  Kutch  because of the blessings of the blessings of Goddess Ashapura, that is why Goddess Ashapura is Female Deity of the Royal Family. People also have belief in Goddess Ashapura and their feeling is we can see during navratri. In Navratri Pilgrims come from far places to worship Ashapura Goddess with their children walking, on cycle or they have some vehicle.   We can see the scenario that all the ways lead to the goddess Ashapura Temple.  Many devotees come from Mumbai and Jamnagar by walking or on cycle, to unload the religious vow.  A  Ceremonial Sacrifice procedure is performed by the member of the royal family and after that member carries white flap made of cows hair from Chachar Kund and he visits the temple for worship. This pilgrim centre is quite developed. Lodge and Guest House have the required facilities. During vacation many Kutchis are in numbers to visit this pilgrim centre. From Bhuj  the distance of this Temple is  96 km




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