Bhujia Fair    

                 Bhujia Fair is held at Bhujia hill in Bhuj on 5th August ( Shravan Sud ) On Nagpanchmi.

                  Ram is a lucky omen for the people of  Kutch and when it is favourable it heralds the begining of Fairs and Melas. Both urban and suburban villages have their very own Fairs .The city Fair begins near the Shankar  Temple on the first Monday of Shravan. On the eve of Janmashtami (Birth of Lord Krishna). Bhuj celebrates in its own way and the people of this city get together in the vicinity of Hamisar. In Mandvi the main attraction is Ravadi (The Chariot/ Pilgrimage).After Janmashtami, the Lohanas of Nom and the Kharvans of Dasham bring out their own Chariot tour. At one time the Drum-Beats of Kharvas sounded like the Thunder of Lightning. Besides this the Fair of  Nagpanchmi on the hills of Bhujia is special in it's own way. After Independence the hills are handed over to the army and the adjacent forts. Only during the fair the people are allowed  to go this hill to take a look and worship "Bhujang-Dev".






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