Anjar is about 40 km south east of Bhuj and was a trading center. Tuna and Vavaniya were important ports. As per local history, Anjar was founded by Ajepal, brother of the King Ajmer (Rajasthan) who became an ascetic in 806, after being defeated by some Muslim invaders.

A new township known as Naya Anjar was established by the joint effort of Government and the people. The fairs at Anjar are the Maked Dada fair, Ajpal and Shitala Mata and Jeshal Toral fair. Capt. Mac Murdo’s bunglow is known as the Deputy Collector’s Office. The ancient shiva temple called Bhareshvar is very famous for its beautiful sculptures.

Every Monday there is a market in Anjar where Rabri, Ahir, Bharwad people get together and it is interesting to see the costumes. Anjar is famous for nut crackers, knives, swords, batik, block print items, old silver, jewellery and Randhani.