The name of Kutch has become famous for its variety of embroideries. Women produce utility articles in their leisure time. The custom of giving embroidered articles to brides also supported the craft. This craft is carried from generation to generation.

Embroidered articles form an important part of 'Dowry' given to the brides. Some of the important embriodery work are known as Rabari
embroidery, Ahir embroidery, Bavalia embroidery or 'Kutchi Bharat', Sindhi embroidery, Aari work, Soof embroidery also known as 'Sodha Bharat', Mutva embroidery in Banni (Dhorodo village) is famous for Gotam stich or Sindhi Kadai. In Banni area the embroidery work is also done on leather shoes or 'Mojdi', purses bags, belts, wallets etc. Hodko village in Banni is famous for Meghwal embroidery and leather work. Tunda Wandh a village between Mandvi and Mundra is an artisan's village.

Banni Embroidery

Banni embroidery with its intricate minute designs in gorgeous colours, is considered to be the most outstanding and exquisite among the different types of Kachchhi. embroidery. This school derives its name from that vast stretch of semi-desert land called Banni. It is represented by the Lohanas of Khavda and the Jats, Mutwas, Harijans etc. of Banni villages.