Iron-Bell is made in Zura, Nirona, Nana Angia ofKachchh from the iron tin. This bell is used to identic the animal by the cattle herder in Kachchh, The blacksmiths - Luhars of these villages are very expert to prepare the bells. The process is impressive. The wastage tins are purchased from'Bhuj. The Luhar makes the shape of bell after cutting the required and measured tin with the help of some tools. Now, the Luhar mixes the powder of brass with the watered mud. Thereafter, this paste is filled in and round the bell and is fired in the kiln. Gradually, the brass powdered paste melts and sticks to the bell. The bell is ready for ringing. A tiny stick of wood is fixed inside the bell to ring up. The brass glitters on the bell, Luhar gives some designs the bell by carving and pressing the dies on it. A finished bell does not sound without sticking the brass or copper powder on it: The Luhars ofKachchhprepare many sizes of bells and also make the shape of a plant, hangings etc.. Bells are exported to abroad for sale. Locally, the Iron-Bell is known as "Kharaki".