Originally the Jats were herders who lived in an area called Half in Iran. Five hundred years ago these shepherds migrated from Half and came to Sindh and Kutch to search for new grazing lands. All the Jats in Kutch are muslims and have similar marriage and dowry customs.

The Dhanetahs are the largest of the Jat Communities. The men care for the animals and women remain in camp looking after their families. They sell ghee. Those who go the Mecca and Madina are known as Hajis and they prefer to marry their children to other Haji’s children.The Fakiranis who comprise the smallest of the three Jats communities are nomads, who inhabit the swampy coastal regions of Lakhapat and Abdasa Talukas. They worship a holy man called Savlo Pir. The Gharacia Jats are farmers who make their home in Lakhpat Talukas. They revere the Goddess Jeejamah.