Pen-knives, nut crackers, scissors and swords of Kutch are famous all over the world. As agriculture did not provide Muslim Luhar (blacksmith) continous employment. On seeing them passing away time idly, the religious preceptor them to engage themselves in a side industry which would supplement their income.

People of Kutch prefer to present penknives or nutcrackers to their relatives and friends living outside Kutch. These are made by artisans who used to make swords. The iron bars are reduced to workable small pieces and joined by rivets. The edges of the joined pieces are sharpened on a grinding wheel. To avoid rusting they are plated with stainless steel. Nutcrackers in brass fetch the highest price.

Sumar Junas in collaboration with another concern owned by one Ajani, an inhabitant of Kothara village, developed the market and labelled the product with tradename-'Ajani'. Today, as many as 100 articians engaged at present in the craft and spread over different places such as Bhuj, Mandvi, Anjar, Reha etc.