Mundra is a coastal town 60 km from Bhuj. It was established in the time of Rao Bhojrajji (1633-1645) by his Minister Shri Vardhaman Shah. Mundra is called the 'PARIS OF KUTCH'. Mr Kanji Malam of Mundra is said to have helped Vasco de Gama. Ladha Damji of Zanzibar also of Mundra was an advisor to the Sultan of Zanzibar. He built a beautiful residence in Mundra called Navlakho.

Mundra looks impressive from the outside. Its high fortified stone wall was built out of massive blocks taken from the vast ruins of the sacred Jain city of Bhadreshwar not far away. The main handicrafts of Mundra are tie-dye, block prints and Namda work by Mansoori people.