A wheel is used for the first part of the process for the pots and for most of the toys . Like the style of the pots, the design of the wheel they use has it origins in the ancient times. The wheel called a Chakado is made from a large, perfectly balanced disc like a cartwheel, made of wood but filled with clay to give it weight .Wooden spokes support a platform at the centre on which the pot is thrown. An iron pivot supports the centre of the wheel. Using a stick placed in a small hole at the edge of the wheel, the wheel is skillfully rotated at speed. The heaviness of the clay makes the disc act as a flywheel, keeping the .wheel in momentum for a long period of time.

For pots, the clay which is dug locally and prepared by the family, is thrown on the wheel to form the rudimentary pot. The pots cannot be completed on the wheel as they usually have a round bottom. Therefore after a few hours, when the pot has partially hardened, the pot is supported from the inside and beaten \vii h a wooden bat chasing the pot into the desired shape. lt is then allowed todry.

The sculptures are mostly made on the wheel. When dry these are stuck together and coated with fresh clay. The details of the animal's features are then added and the surface smoothed out. The painting of the pottery is usually done by women making the whole process very much a family craft. The paints are made from red, white and black earth pigments found locally. Geru is made from red clay, Goru from white clay and Karu from a black stone. Usually, the whole pot is first given a wash of a base colour. Then the other colours are painted on with a piece of bamboo stick. Many different motifs are used formed out of dots and diagonal, concentric or zigzag lines. These designs become permanent after firing.. The pottery is fired using an open-firing method. Here the pots are piled up or laid out and a mixture of dried cow dung, straw and other fuel is piled up around the pots to form a dome. Mud is then placed over the entire pile. With carefully positioned air channels, the fire burns evenly for several days. The pots are removed when cool.