Rabari people are a mystery. A Rabari can be nomadic or semi-nomadic. In Kutch, there are about 2500 to 3000 Rabari families. There are three types : Vagadias are found in the eastern Kutch while Dhebarias are mainly found in Anjar taluka. The white dress is common to all Rabari men.

Rabaris are illiterate. They have blind faith in religion. They are lovers of nature. They worship Mataji Sikotara, Momaya, Loladi, Bhed, Vankol, Amba, Khodiar, Hinglaj. Women do house work, shopping and they sell their goods. Men are mostly in the desert with their sheep and camels. Rabari do not trust doctors and only use Ayurvedic medicines.

Rabari women do very interesting embroidery toran, thela, popat, blouse, gagra and also decorations for camels.