Silver work

Kutch is famous for its superior silver work, both of the design and engraving of jewellery.
Silver Engraving (Kutch work)

The article to be engraved is moulded into the required size and shape. Engraving is done with the help of engraving tools and a hammer. After engraving the article is washed with acid to get a brilliant, glittering piece of work. Trays, surai (pots), cups, shields, photo frames, gulabdani and pandanni are produced in Bhuj.
Silver Jewellery

Silver is mixed with Zinc to make the silver into workable pieces. Articles are polished with emery paper as well as by using acids. Traditional communities such as Rabari, Ahir, Bharvad, Kadva Patidar, Leva patidar, Harijan, Jat still make use of the jewellery used by their forefathers.