Soof EmbroiderySoofis a pamstaking hand embroidery of mysterious origin. Soof artisans work from thereverse of the cloth.Countingwarp andweftthreads,theytake stitches between to create precise angular pattems.Motifs are never drawn. Each artisan imagines her whole design first in her mind, and works it out geometrically-in reverse. Master craftworkthus depends on both keen eyesight and a sophisticated understanding of mathematics and geometry.

Traditional Soof patterns 'all begin with a triangle. Called a "Soof", this'is the sourceof all designs as well as the embroidery's name. Soof motifs include rhythmic patterns that
represent familier features of the artisans' lives, endless variations of peacocks, and mandalas to focus psychic energies.

Sodha women make a traditional pieces of Soof embroidery like toran, blouse pieces,ghaghro, and wall pieces. The embroiderer uses mostly filling stitches such as satin stich.

Soof embroidery is made by filling in areas defined by counting along warp and weft; in Nain Bharat, the design is first put on the cloth with a single stitch and filled in with satin stitch; and in Pako Bharat, the filling stitches follow pencil marking first drawn into the cloth. Women are best at these types of embroidery in their younger years after which their eyesight weakens due to the eyestrain.

Soof Embroidery is made by Sodha women. It is reported that the Sodha people who migrated from Tarkapat, just over the Pakistan border in Sind, as refugees during the
conflicts of 1971 are settled down in Kachchh at a village named Zura. The Sodha people's settlement nearby Zura is called the Sodha Camp. Their women make Suf, Nain
and Pako embroidery and applique.

Soof embroidery is done by Sodha Rajput and Harijan women who migrated from Pakistan during the 1971 Indo Pak war. It is also called "Sodha Bharat". Embroidery is done by using satin thread by inserting the needle from behind the cloth and designs come front side.

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