Lacquerware is turned wood which is covered with a coloured, often patterned lacquer. The main lacquerware products in Kutch are Chakia -Velan (Chapatti roller and board), Charpoy (Bedsteads), Toys, Bajot (stool), Khandani (pestle and mortars), Spice storage pots and Dandia sticks (used for Garba dancing).

The use of Lac in India goes back to ancient times. The substance is derived from a tiny insect which secretes a resin to form itself a protective covering. Still on the lathe, a coloured lac stick is applied to the turning wood to give the wood a rough coating. Then by pressing another piece of wood against it, friction cause the lac to heat up on the surface, melting and spreading it into an even layer covering the wood with a tough opaque layer.

An application of groundnut oil is used to help this latter process. By applying different colour in layers, various effects can be achieved. Often a top layer of colour is chiselled off in a geometric or floral pattern to reveal the colour below.


Wood carving is one of the best handicrafts ofKachchh The Harijan people living in Dumaro and Ludia are master crafts persons of wood carving. They make various utensils like pastel roller, chapati disc, bottles, small table, glass etc. of the wood doing attractive carving. Generally, they use the teak wood and locally available 'bahuV wood to prepare the fine artifacts.