Diet For Sick People

     Syrup of tuver dal, moong & udad.

     Curd with roasted cumin & dry chappatis.

     Gundar syrup with water or milk.

     Moong & rice.

     Millet flour syrup.

     Dal & rice.

     Wheat flour syrup.

     Moong Khandvi.

     Rice flour syrup.

     Moong dal dhokla / pancakes.

     Rice excess water.

     Moong dal Khichdi.

     Lemon & sugar syrup.

     Dal dhokli.

     Makhana syrup.

     Muthia bottle gourd / methi.

     Arrowroot syrup.

     Sizzled Mamra & Dhani.

     Sago syrup


     Samo syrup

     Parched rice

     Fruit juices

     Rice dhokla

     Coconut water

     Rice flour khichi

     Moong syrup


     Honey water


     Vegetable soup

     Jaggery, channa & onions.

     Soaked channa water

     Rice vermicelli upma


     Boiled suran with curd

     Masala milk

     Dry channa

     Turmeric milk

     Milk & banana

     Dry ginger & jaggery syrup

     Licorice (jethimadh) seero

     Dates milk

     Almond seero

     Sizzled boiled moong & its water

     Rajgara chikki

     Sizzled buttermilk & curd with cumin


     Kadu Kadiyatu (Chiretta)

     Bhakri methi, bottle gourd, ajwain, cumin, etc.

     Water of soaked gundar


     Barley water

     Bottle gourd kheer

     Soaked black raisins

     Hog plum (amla) syrup with honey

     Bottle gourd juice with sugar & cinnamon

     Lemon juice with glucose

     Soaked sweet lime juice

     Milk, sugar & fennel seed (variyali) juice

     Warm curry

     Boiled water

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