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To Get Rid Of Ants
  • Dissolve some alum or camphor in water & sprinkle that water on ants or sprinkle mixer of turmeric & sulphur powder.
  • Keep cucumber's skin near affected area.
  • Sweep the floor with lemon juice or vinegar added water.
  • If there are ants in the clay's flowerpot, put alum in it.
  • By spreading rock salt ants disappear.
  • To get rid of the ants from sugar, put a bag of cloves.
  • To avoid ants from the kitchen platform keep mint leaves.
  • To avoid black ants clean the floor with asafoetida's water.
To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes
  • Mosquitoes fly by the smell of rajnigandha flowers .
  • Put burning coal on the used tea powder and create smog in the room.
  • Burning camphor or orange dried skin is also useful. use mint juice on your body before going in the garden.
  • Use cloves oil on your body to avoid mosquitoes.
  • Sprinkle kerosene and soap powder.
  • Smog neem leaves in the evening.
  • Mix sugarcane piece and kings cumin (ajmo) with mustard oil and tie it on the four sides.
  • Smog coffee powder in the kitchen.
  • Smog dry mango leaves.
  • Lit red bulb in the room where cockroaches occur more.
  • Keep betel nut in cabinets & shelves.
  • To keep curtains away from insects, keep camphor tablets on windows or near curtains.
  • To keep insects away, produce smog of Indian Bedellium (gugad), neem, loban & ghee.
  • Sweep the floor with kerosene.
  • Smog mango dried leaves.
  • Smog cluster bean (guwar) in the rainy season.
  • Take salt in a wet cloth and clean the dinning table.
  • Smog roasted coffee powder.
  • Put alum/mint leaves near mouse burrow.
  • By washing the mouse cage, mouse are catched fast.
  • To get rid of mouse, dip a rough cloth in turpentine and keep near mouse burrow.
  • Keep peacock's feather on the wall.
  • Lizards run away by the smell of alum.
  • Keep alum in the cotton of cushion or mattress.
  • It gives coolness in the summer season and also keeps away the bugs.
  • To be away from the mosquito, flies smog ghee, white dammar tree, loban, gugar.
  • Put dry lemon skin in the cupboard.
  • To get rid of insects Keep alum in the rice, tulsi leaves in the cereals, or pieces of asafetida.
  • Get rid of white ants keep kerosene cotton balls or neem leaves in the book shelves.
  • To get rid of flies, cocoroach and ants mix alum and kerosene's 2or 3 drops in water and sweep the floor.
Ornaments Cleaning
  • For black turned silver, rub it with potato skin or keep boiled potato in water and rub it with the toothbrush.or dip it in the milk and then clean it with water
  • Make paste of gram flour and lemon juice or burn the paper and take the ashes and rub it or by boiling it in tamarind water or taking soda in the wet cloth and rubbing silver vessels makes them very shiney.
  • keep 1 or 2 alum's pieces in silver to save it from being black.
  • Silver oxide ornaments shine by rubbing the burn paper ashes.

Gold ornaments

  • Dip gold ornaments in the alum water and then wash it with tamarind juice to make them shiny.
  • If the gold chain gets twisted, put some talcum powder.
  • Boiling gold utensils in turmeric and aritha gives shines.
  • If the gold ornaments get dull, boil them in salt and soda water and then rub it with brush.

Diamond ornaments

  • To shine diamond ornaments, rub with talcum powder or with chalk powder.

Elephant's teeth ornaments

  • To shine ornaments made of elephant's teeth, clean them with lemon juice and salt.
  • Keep glass bottle having such ornaments in sunshine make them shiny.


  • Dip old ornaments in the turmeric and vinegar for 2 hrs, clean them with soft cloth it gives a good shine.
  • To save the ornaments polish from being spoiled, wrap them in cotton.
  • Wash all the dull gold and silver ornaments with toothpaste to give a good shine.
  • Rubbing olive oil on pearl ornaments gives them shine.
  • To maintain the shine of ornaments, Put them in cologne water and then clean it with a soft cloth.
  • To maintain the shine of imitation jewellery, keep the chalk pieces in the box.
Clothes Care
Cotton Clothes
  • Before starching the cotton clothes, add some salt in it to avoid sticking of clothes.
  • Dip cotton clothes in rice water to make it stiff.
  • Add some glycerine drops in the starch to avoid sticking of clothes to each other.
  • To remove the tea stains from saree, catch the affected part on the hot water vapour and then wash.
  • To remove the old stains from the cloth, apply glycerine for whole night and then wash next day.
  • To make clothes more whiter put lemons skin in the dipped clothes.

Woollen Clothes

  • Wash woollen clothes with hot or luke water.
  • Wrap in the newspaper or put neem leaves or blackpepper or cloves bag to avoid insects.
  • Adding glycerine while dipping woollen clothes makes them soft.
  • Don't dry clothes in sunshine.
  • Don't put woollen clothes with silk clothes to avoid insects.

Silk Clothes

  • Dip silk clothes in glycerine water to remove wrinkles from it.
  • Dip white silk clothes in turpentine water to stop them from being yellow.
  • To give shine to the silk clothes wash them with boiled potatoes.
  • Dip silk clothes in 2 spoon nilgiri added water or lemon juice to make them more shiny.


  • Keeping leather cloth in plastic bag makes leather dry.
  • Keep empty boxes of incense sticks in cupboard with clothes for sweet fragrance.
  • Dip born baby's clothes in vinegar added water in order to remove typical odour from them.
  • To remove odour from ashtray burn camphor in it.
  • To avoid washing powder stains mix soda in water before washing the clothes.
  • Blankets are washed properly by adding glycerine in water.
  • Dip yellow clothes in alum powder, lemon juice and soap powder.
  • Dip dull clothes in luke warm water and salt for 1 hr.
  • Jari saree should be wrapped in cloth and should be ironed with newspaper keeping on it.
  • Rub alum powder on gold work saree to give it shine.
  • White clothes shine by mixing bleaching powder with water.
  • Painting clothes or embroidery clothes should be ironed other side.
  • To avoid thread coming out from nylon clothes burn the scissor before cutting the clothes.
  • Yellow clothes stains are removed by mixing oil & kerosene in water.
To Remove Stains From Clothes
  • Rub onion to remove the stains of Hair dye.
  • To remove stains of tea or coffee, rub salt on it with toothbrush or apply petrol on stain and wipe it with light hands.
  • To remove stains of ghee or oil, immediately sprinkle some talcum powder on stain then place a heavy book above it. Paper will soak the stain.
  • To remove chewing gum stuck on clothes, iron it on backside or soak the affected part of cloth in lemon juice & wash it or rub ice.
  • Apply glycerine for 1 hr. on the stains of Dal & then wash it with soft brush.
  • Rub a cotton dipped in Nailpolish remover to remove ink stain.
  • Rub the sour curd to remove the stains of oil from woollen clothes.
  • Scrub curd or lemon juice to remove the stains of betel leaves.
  • Soak the cloth having stains of Ice cream in to borax added water and then wash with brush.
  • Wet the day to day cooking clothes in gram flour added water and wash with soap to remove its stickiness.
  • Rub the turmeric stains with dry soap powder, wash with light ammonia & then dry it in sunlight.
  • Rub the mehandi stains with brush after dipping the affected part in milk & then wash it with cold water.
  • Soak the clothes having perspiration marks in 2 or 3 Aspirin added water or Ammonium Chloride water.
  • To remove rust stains from the clothes rub vinegar or sour curd or lemon juice or mixture of lemon juice & salt and knead it or dip it in the rice water.
  • Curry stains go away by rubbing toothpaste on it.
  • Rub salt on the blood stains.
  • To remove ballpen stains, wash the clothes with nailpolish remover or rub toothpaste.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder on the clothes before washing it.
  • Scrub Kerosean to remove the strains of greace or coal.
  • Wash the clothes having lipstick stains after scrubbing Nilgiri oil on it.
  • Rub jaggery water on catechu stains & then qwash it with soap.
  • Rub potato skin on ink stains and then wash it with soap.
  • Soak milk stained clothes in borax added water.
  • Iron the clothes having colour stains by keeping blotting paper on both the side of cloth. The colour will come on the bloting paper.
Furniture and vessel
Aluminium Utensils
  • Rub with mixture of lemon juice.
  • Boil the Pressure cooker with vinegar added water or with lemon added water to remove its black stains.
  • Wash burned aluminium utensils with glass paper.
  • Keep the bottle in sunlight after applying the paste of sand in it then wash it to remove the smell of pickle.
  • Wash the bottle with Mustard seed water to remove the smell of pickle.
  • Before cleaning water bottles of fridge, put some paper pieces, washing powder & small stones a night before.
  • Dip the plastic bottles in bleach added water for 4-5 minutes to make them shiny.
  • Put cold water & rice to remove stickiness from babies milk bottle.
  • Wash the bottles with boiled vegetables water to remove dust & odour.
China Clay
  • Shake kettle properly with ice cubes & salt to remove the dirt from inside.
  • Use nailpolish remover to remove the stains from chinaclay utensils.
Glass Bottle
  • Boil the cup-saucer after scrubbing them with salt or soda for some time to remove the stains
  • Apply glycerine or pour hot water in order to separate two stuck utensils of glass or metal.
  • Washing of glass vessels with vinegar added water makes them shiny.
  • Clean the plastic or melamite crockery with wheat flour to remove their Yellow stains.
  • Apply toothpaste or gram flour to remove stains from the glass vessels.
Metal Utensils
  • Leftover idli flour can be used to shine brass & bronze vessel.
  • Clean the copper vessel with vinegar & lime after boiling them in water.
  • Rub raw potato to remove the rust from iron, scissor or knife.
  • Boil turmarind in iron vessel to make them shiny.
  • Rub lemon's skin on brass-bronze vessel to give them shine.
  • Scrub potato or salt on knife to remove the bad odour from it.
Silver Utensils
  • Rub silver vessel with dry ash or salt to make them shiny.
  • Wash black silver utensils with aritha powder.
  • To remove the steel vessel's stains due to excess heat, rub vinegar.
  • To remove labels from new vessels, heat the vessel on the opposite side of label & immediately scratch it off with a knife.
  • Touch the burning candle on the label to remove it.
  • Wash the vessels with the mixture of dry lemon skin powder & washing powder to make them shiny.
  • Rub the slice of onion or potato with oil on normal pan in order to use them as nonstick.
  • To give shine, clean the old pot with thick salt.
  • After grating cheese, rub some bread pieces on the scrapper before washing it.
  • Clean the burned vessels with salt or keep vinegar or soda in burnt vessel for some time and clean it with a cloth.
  • Plastic vessel will shine by a cloth dipping in kerosene.
  • Use toothbrush for cleaning the idli stand.
  • Old shocks can be used to save the gas, kitchen platform, glass, washbasin to prevent them from scratches.
  • Clean the vessels with camphor to remove bad odour from them.
  • Grind salt to make the blender blade sharp.
  • If mixer's lid gets loose use it after keeping in the refrigerator inspite of buying a new one.
  • Dip cotton in petrol and rub it on the sticked photographs.
Furniture Cleaning
Glass Things
  • A cloth dipping in glycerine or newspaper or potato skin can be used to provide shine to the mirror.
  • Clean the mirror with dry used tea powder to make them shiny.
  • Clean the mirror with a rough cloth after rubbing lemon skin or wet chalk to give them shine.
  • Clean the mirror with a rough cloth after applying starch added water on it to give it shine.
  • Clean the glass with kerosene added warm water to make them shiny.
  • Rub some toothpaste on wet cloth and rub on sunmaika to remove stains from it.
  • Clean the wooden furniture with cloth dipping in mustard oil & water.
  • To remove the stains from furniture, dip cloth in salt water and rub it.
  • Clean sunmaika with kerosene to give shine and to save it from insects.
  • Wash gas & oven with soda-bi-carbonate added water to remove drops of oil or ghee easily.
  • To remove stains on fridge, rub toothpaste & wash it with wet cloth.
  • Before shifting the furniture sweep the floor with wet cloth.
  • Clean the furniture after sprinkling salt to remove greace stains.
  • To increse the life, wash the small mouthed glass bottles with hot water.
  • Before pouring hot thing in the glass bottle put steel spoon in it to protect it from braking.
  • To prevent glass bangles from breaking keep them in hot water and then cool it.
  • To remove the lid of the bottle mix oil and salt on it.
Cleaning Of Floor
  • To remove ink stain from the floor, rub it with milk & then clean with detergent.
  • Sprinkle perfume to remove nailpolish stain from the floor.
  • Wipe the floor with kerosene removes the colour stains.
  • Swab the kitchen floor with a cloth having soda-bi-carbonate.
Other Cleaning Tip
Cleaning Washbasin and Bathroom
  • Put vinegar in the sink pipe for the over night to remove accumulated garbage & pour hot water in the next morning.
  • Wash bathroom or washbasin with lemon juice added water.
  • Clean the washbasin with empty packet of detergent powder in to make them shiny.
  • Apply baking soda & soda-bi-carbonate on a rough cloth & rub that cloth on iron to remove blackness.
  • To save the iron from rust apply olive oil on it.
  • Clean the mat with salty water.
  • Sweep up the carpet after sprinkling salt on it.
  • Spread newspaper under the carpet to keep them clean & to increse its life.
  • To remove the dust from artificial flowers, put them into paper bag, add a handful of salt & shake the bag properly.
  • Burn some camphor tablets to remove the smell coming from the room closed for a long while.
  • Put tea powder bag in money plant to enable the leaves to grow big.
  • Leather shines, when rubbed with bread.
  • To remove the stains from telephone, clean it with nail polish remover.
  • To shine the mirror, wipe it with the cloth dipped in glycerine.
  • Pour salted or sweet buttermilk to remove the smell from thermos.
  • Keep sponge under the soap stand.
  • Boil the remaining soap pieces and fill it in a bottle so as to use for washing hands.
  • Put talcum powder on the wall to remove oil stains.
  • Sprinkle wheat flour on the drops of oil or ghee droplets and clean it with a cloth after sometime.
  • Clean the dining table with vinegar added water to remove stains from it.

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