Concept of Trade Centre
[ In Gujarati ]
Business runs in Our Blood. And we are world renowned for Our Entrepreneurship Qualities. The changes in time & the arrival of new technology demand us to alter our traditional ways of business & open new avenues, which will expand our market & invite new opportunities.
Panjokutch thereby proposes to start GLOBAL TRADE CENTER - maintained by OUR COMMUNITY CENTERS, which will open new avenues for our existing businesses & invite new opportunities.

Main Core of The Trade Center

  • The Trade Center can be erected in an area ranging around 5000 sq. ft. ground area in a multistoried building comprising of around 20 floors.
  • The Trade Center should serve as An International Market for our traders.
  • Centralized Location with easy access to transport facilities is a must.
  • "Do Business with Zeal" is the concept to be incorporated in Our Society Brothers.
  • Every unit be hired on daily, monthly or on yearly basis except few permanent units.
  • Center should be An Ideal Place or A Market for everything & everyone.
  • Each floor should be efficiently coordinated with each other for the sake of convenience.