aims & objectives
Our economy basically depends on agriculture, animals, handicrafts, manufacturing consumer products, etc… This village-based economy was not only self-sufficient but also one of the richest of its time.

Our blind race for progress has unknowingly invited various problems. Since long time villages have been ignored & the basic values of life are left behind. Our religious, cultural & social virtues and understandings are commercialized to great extent. Hence the present scenario is:

1. Every year we spend crores of rupees for drought condition with no permanent solution.
2. Our encouragement towards monetary charity has made us even more dependent.
3. Multiplicity of Charity concept lacks here.
4.Villagers are migrating in search of better opportunities.
5. Non-stop invasion of undesirable elements.
6. Old traditional values are now ignored.
7. Attraction towards fast mechanical life is resulting towards
loosing the real essence of life.
8. Increase in health problems both physically & mentally.
9. And still many more…

We have easily accepted new thoughts & inventions without understanding its side effects
& our environment's requirement. Thus need has arise to take U turn & understand our past mistakes.
Actually a blend of Tradition with New Tech world is a must.

Keeping this in mind proposes to visualize Panjrapoles with new view.
Our Panjrapoles are doing great work by taking care of our animal wealth. Now with our
endeavor the vast area, the presence of nature & the loving animals will fetch high values
in human life in comparism to Material World

Other Aims Are :
Recharge virtues of Love, Affection & Respect within us
Conservation of Natural Resources
Maintain Nature's Cycle
Conservation of Land
Move towards self sufficient Village Economy
Attracting Society towards Nature
Bring White Revolution by promoting Dairy Industry
Develop Herbal industry via cow therapy
Develop Community Center
Develop Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Handicraft Industry as means of livelihood