biogas plant

1. Bio gas plant is recommended only if sufficient input material like animal waste & other organic garbage is available. Beside manure the gas can be used as cooking fuel, to run electric engines & for street lighting. The adjoining figure represents Fixed Dome Type Biogas Plant.

2. Better alternative suggested is to make Compost manure & a plot to be reserved for it.

3. It is suggested that on barren land 25'*6' patches of land should be dig 1' deep. Pour 7 to 8 buckets of water then make 8" layer of animal waste, plant residue & other organic garbage & then pour 8 buckets of liquefied animal waste. Cover this with soil making a layer of around 4" & then again pour water. After every 15 days repeat the same procedure till 3 months. The best compost manure is now ready to use. However as a second alternative the same patch of land can be used for cultivation.