Cattle Home

1. 1000s of cattle can take shelter here with proper Live Stock Management System. At least one person should be employed for every 25 cows.

2. Sheds should be airy, cozy & made out of natural materials.

3. Care should be taken that ample and clean space of around 50 sq. ft. per cow is made available to them. Normally if natural sheds are built the cost is expected around Rs. 5/- per sq. ft.

4. Nutritious Fodder arrangement to be made available all year round. Normally average requirement per cow is 5 to 8 kgs of dry fodder OR 15 to 20 kgs of fresh fodder. If possible a combination of two is best suggested - 30% dry fodder & 70% fresh fodder.

5. Uncontaminated fresh drinking water also forms the part of basic requirement. Around 20 lts of water is needed to be arranged per cow.