points to be considered

Before setting up or altering the present Panjrapole - Panjokutch suggests to consider following points:
1. Area available?
2. Is land possession & other documents available?
3. Land Distribution?
    i. For cow sheds….
    ii. Reserved as fodder plot…
    iii. For water reservoir…
    iv. For hospitals…
    v. For any other purpose please specify…
4. Types of animals & its strength available
5. Funds available?
    i. Sources of funds? - From donation…… from other sources…….
    ii. Grants available from Government if any…
    iii. International funds available if any…
6. Details of Expenses / other recurring cost incurred?
7. Details of Activities undertaken?

General information / guidance regarding per cow requirement

1. Initial Cost?
2. Maintaining Cost?
3. Life span?
4. Area required? For sheds…… for rest…..
5. Cost for building cowsheds? RCC…… Natural……..
6. Fodder requirement

  Quantity in Kgs. Cost
Fresh fodder    
Dry Fodder    

7. Water requirement? Drinking……. Washing…….
8. Output per day

  Quantity in Kgs. / litre
Cow dung  

9. Earning per day

  Quantity in Kgs. / litre Approx. value
Urine medicines    

10. Regarding other factors
i. Cost for removal of Wild Babul?
        ii. Cost for fencing? Iron wires……. Natural…….
        iii. Cost for digging pond?
        iv. Cost for digging pond deeper?
        v. How many cows can be maintained per person?
        vi. How many persons to be employed per acre of farming & maintenance purpose?
        vii. Cost for making roads?
        viii. Types of trees to be planted?
        ix. How many trees to be planted per acre?
        x. Cost for Tree Plantation?
       xi. Names of Reference Books & their authors?
       xii. Rules & Regulations pertaining to Panjrapoles & its related activities?
       xiii. Government Schemes & other Projects related to Animal Welfare, Forestry,
              Conservation of Natural Resources, Tree Plantation, Well recharging, digging of ponds, etc…
       xiv. Projects for self-reliance & the main contributors.