Farms And Orchards

1. A piece of land could be reserved as an agricultural or farming land.
2. Benefits of co-operative farming & organic farming to be exploited to the fullest.
3. Techniques like drip / sprinkle irrigation to be used for avoiding wastage of water & growing of weeds.
4. Crops requiring less water, dry climate, etc… should be encouraged.
5. Crops recommended are:
    i.Cereals - Bajri (maximum), Jowar, Wheat, etc...
    ii. Pulses - Moong, Moth, Udad, Black gram, Beans, etc...
    iii. Oil seeds - Groundnut, Mustard, Sesame (Til), Castor,          Sunflower and Cottonseeds.
    iv. Fruits - Dates (maximum), pomegranate, chickoo & other          fruits…
    v. Others - Guvar, Cattle feed, Cotton (Gossipium),  Sugarcane, Dates, Isabgol, etc.