funding system


Animal Welfare is one of the noble deeds carried out & we might require
aid in following direction:
    1. Donation of Time especially from professionals, consultants &
        other management qualified people.
    2. Donation of Energy from dedicated youths to give their voluntary service.
    3. Donation of Money from business empires & other organization to set initial infrastructure.
    4. Motivate children & youngsters from local area or community to contribute via work, energy         & time during vacation or adventurous outings.
    5. Motivate individual & firms to adopt animals, trees, buildings, etc…
    6. Celebrate Occasions or Share Memories here.

Initial Funding

Initial Fund requirement can be sought from:
    1. Grants & Subsidies from Central & State Government.
    2. Animal Welfare Department run under Mrs. Menka Gandhi.
    3. International Organization, Trust & Foundations working for the purpose.
    4. Business Empires.
    5. Individuals.