The economy of Kutch is still agro-based and therefore in spite of shortage of water lot of emphasis is being laid on agricultural and farming activities. Beside  State government, the Non-governmental charitable and research institutes like the V.R.T.I. or Vivekananda Research and Training Institute at Mandvi  and its sister concerns is helping the farmers in adopting latest farming techniques.

          New ventures like building of water harvesting structures, Farm Ponds, Drip Irrigation technique, Soil and Water Analysis, Bio-Gas, smokeless chullah, cattle feed projects and plantation are being promoted by the institute.

          Over a period of time the cropping pattern in Kutch is changing gradually. Gone are the days when Lakhpat area was a rice bowl. Crops requiring less water and yielding more cash are the pattern of the day.


  • Cereals - Bajri (maximum), Jowar, Wheat and Rice (negligible).

  • Pulses - Moong, Moth, Udad, Black gram, Beans.

  • Oil seeds - Groundnut, Mustard, Sesaum (Til), Castor, Sunflower and Cotton seeds.

  • Others - Guvar, Cattle feed , Cotton (Gossipium), Sugarcane, Dates, Isabgol, etc.

Oil Palm field developed by V.R.T.I.


Dates ready for selling

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