The people of Kutch believe in simple living and high thinking. The staple food is Rotlas made of Bajri (millet) which the local relish with Butter milk or 'Chhas', Butter and Jaggery or 'Gud'.'Khichhdi' made of rice and dal (pulses) is liked by everyone.

           If you visit any house first a glass of water is served as a custom. Tea which was unknown 60 years ago has become the universal drink among all classes of people. Milk based items like curd and ghee are very common in food preparation. Ground nut oil and ground nut is generally used to make the food more exotic.

            The usually Kutchi Cusine consists of Roti or Rotlas, Curd, Butter milk, Dal, Curry, Vegetables, Papad, Kachumbar. Dry rotlis or Theplas and Khakras and Sev (of Gram Flour) are made and stored as food during travelling etc..

             Now a days, food values are becoming more tasty and palatable than nutritious. The main delicacies in food items are- Khaman dokla, Gathia, Undhia, Muthia, Raita, Dahi wada, Kachori, Bhajia, Bhaji made of brinjal, bitter gourd and lady's finger,etc.. As a change from normal food, Dabeli, Puri Shak, Pav Bhaji, Bhakarwadi, Papdi, Kadak, etc. have crept in.   

              There are many varities of sweets like- Adadiya, Gulab Pak, Son Papdi, Mohan thal, Pedas, Halwa, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, etc.. Seeds of Dhaniya or Dhana dal, Betal Leaf or Pan with Supari is served after food as the last item.




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