Black Buck-Antelope Cervicapra (Linnaeus) (Kaliar)

This variety of deer is to be seen occasionally on alluvial sands along the shores of the Gulf of Kutch, while the Common Red Antelope-Gaz:ella henetUi ( Chinkara ) is found in the same places in much larger numbers. A fine male antelope of the Indian plains has long spiral horns. The older animal becomes deep black on the upper parts, in strong contrast with its white throat, belly and legs. Sought after by sportsmen and some of the villagers, its number which was once a justifiable pride of Kutch, has sadly diminished today. Bucks were plentiful on the low lying saline flats of Banni which provide grazing for the cattle raised in this area. Bucks need to be carefully husbanded so that their number can once again be an attraction to the tourists. Black bucks can run very fast and escape enemy by swift running.

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