There were many forts in Kutch. Today some are in ruins and some are still in good condition.

Tera fort : Population 2,246.

Tera lies 85 km west of the town of Bhuj. Tera castle on the western edge of the state of Gujrat dominates the plains of Kutch from its position on the banks of Tretara (Three lakes) namely Chattasar, Sumerasar and Chatasar.

Tera Jagir consisted of 41 villages and was one of the largest Jagirs of Kutch state. There are Ramayan wall paintings in the Tera castle. There are elaborate carved and beautiful paintings on glass in the Jain temple. Bandhani (tie & dye), Block printing, mirror work, Jats embroidery are the main crafts of this town. There are many of wild life animals chinkara, Blue Bull, Wild Boar, Hyena, The Great Indian Bustard, Peacock, Black partridge, etc. A very famous Mahadev temple Pinglaswar is 35 km far from Tera.

Beraja Fort


Early 5000 years : Dholavira.
7th Century : Maniaro
8th Century : Patgadh
9th Century : Kanthkot
10th Century : Angorgadh, Boladigadh, Kerakot, Padhargadh.
17th Century : Alampannah, Bhuj, Mundra Fort, Dhoramnath, Rayan, Mandvi, Fort, Bhujia Fort.

18th Century : Lakhpat, Fateh gadh, Badargadh, Patri Fort, Tuna fort, Kothara fort, Sandhan fort, Suthar,Chundi fort, Pundi fort, Gajod, Kothara fort, Nandra fort, Narayan sarover, Naliaya fort, Chitrod fort, Kutch gadh, Bhachau fort, Mota Ashambia, Nagracha, Beraja.

19th Century : Tera, Bhadreswar, Than

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