Lignite is known as the brown coal or tertiary coal.  The production of lignite is about 95% of total mineral production in Kutch and there is an ample scope for using this as a raw material for setting up pf power plant in the region.
  • Features:- It is brownish in color. It burns with little smoke when briquette. 

  • Location:- in Nakhtrana, Mandvi,  Lakhpat taluka. 

  • Use:- (1)Pocketed deposits:explore for fuel consumtion,(2)Extensive deposits:for Power producion

  • Controlled by:-  Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC)

  •  The Kutch Thermal Plant of 140 MW capacity at Pandhro is based on Liginite.

  • Found:-Lignite deposits are found in the Western part of Kutch and strategically,it would be advantageous from the security point of view to lokate power production units so as to curb the anti-national activities and increase the population by creating more employment opportunities. 

  • Production (in thousands):-44.65MT.

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