The cement industry has great potenial in kutch since the basic raw matirial Limestone of cement grade is available in abundance.
  • Location:- All over Kutch specially the western part of Kutch that is Lakhpat and Abhadasa.

  • Use:- for manufacturing cement, as a building stone, as a flux in the metallurgy industry and also for manufacturing calcium carbide and calcium cyanide.

  • Controlled by:- Department of Mining.

  • In abhadasa Taluka 2.6 Million Ton capacity cement plant in under construction by Sanghi Cement.

  • Other cement plants in offing are the AGB,DLF,Anjin,JK corpn etc.

  • Yellow limestone equilant to Jesalmar yellow marbal is found at Andhav Khadir area. Marbal cuting and polishing unit is working in Bhuj GIDC.

  • Production(in thousands):-3000MT.  It has been also named as "Costal wealth of Kutch".The entire cement requirements of Gulf countries could be met by 7000 million mt of lime stone deposits available in western Kutch.

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