Bead flower
Cloth flower
Stocking flower
Sola wood flower


Beads Flower:

1. Use thin coloured wires to match the colour of beads.
2. Insert beads in wire up to the required length of petal or leaf.
3. Now insert beads in other wire, surround around the basic wire to form the shape.
4. Surround as many wire as possible close to each other, considering the width of the petal.
5. Stems can be made in same way using green or brown beads


Cloth Flower:

  • Any material like cotton, organdy, velvet, silk, satin, nylon, etc. can be used according to the texture of real flowers.
  • First the cloth is to be starched heavily & dry it straight.
  • Now cut the desired number of petals in required shape.
  • Give curls to the edges using wet finger or butter knife or fork or spoon, etc.
  • On leaf, make veins using knife.
  • To give crease effect, keep the petal in the centre of thin moistened cloth, fold the cloth, then pressing with one hand on petal draw right hand edge towards & under pressing hand.
  • Wrap the wire or tube with green paper tape to make stem.
  • Now join every part using thread, paper tape or glue.

Stocking flower:

  • Take a thin wire and fold it to get an oval or any required shape.
  • Now take the stockings and pull it over the petal tightly and tie at the end using thread. Cut off the excess stocking.
  • Take 3-4pips and fold it at the centre. Insert the pips through the bend of the wire. Tie it in place using thread.
  • After this place the petals around the pips and tie a knot again using the thread. Then wind the green tape around the stock completely.
  • The procedure to make the leaves is the same.



Sola wood flower:

  • Cut the sola wood in the shape of petals. Roll it and tie it at the bottom with the flower making thread. Arrange 5-7 petals around it and again tie with the thread. Now the flower is ready.
  • Since the solawood is fragile, care should be taken while tying with the thread.
  • First arrange the flowers and leaves on the flat surface (frame base). Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, paste them onto the positions using glue (fevicol).

































































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