• Fur cloth
  • Fibre Cotton
  • Felt cloth
  • Chart Paper
  • Marker Pen
  • Scissors
  • Eyes, Nose
  • Needle and Thread
  • Fevi Bond or glue

Method :

  • For making the body patterns on material, turn over the pattern.
  • Turnings of ^' (0-5 cm) are included in the patterns and no extra should be added on.
  • All sewing should be done on the wrong side of the fabric.
  • The only sewing done on the right side is when the opening for the stuffing is sewn up with a ladder stitch, and when ears and tail are attached.
  • To give the toy a professional finish, a domestic sewing machine is by far the best method of sewing the seams.
  • Machine stitches are firm and do not give under pressure of stuffing. In the case where a machine is not available, good results can be obtained by using a firm backstitch.

Example :

The designs of the body, ears and the base needed to make a rabbit is given below. You must draw bigger versions of the designs as required.

  • Draw the figure of the body on the wrong side of the fur material. Cut it. You need 2 such pieces.

  • Draw the ears on the wrong side of the fur. You need 4 such pieces.
  • Draw the figure of the base of the rabbit on the felt cloth and cut it.
  • Now join the top part of the body piece with the other similar piece on the wron.
  • The unstitched part of the body is fixed on to the base. Thus you get a sitting rabbit.
  • Now what we have is a rabbit with the right side of the fur inside.
  • In order to get the right side, cut, approx 4" on the felt cloth at the centre without cutting the fur.
  • Using this cut, reverse it, (pull the right side out) to get the right side outside. Now fill in the fibre cotton and close the slit.
  • Similarly do the ears. Do not fill in fibre cotton, in the ear.
  • Fix the ear on the body using thread and needle. The stitches won't be seen outside as they will be covered with fur.
  • 11. Stick the eyes and nose with fevibond or glue.

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