• Paraffin wax
  • Candle colouring dye or wax crayons.
  • Candle wicks – soak cotton string in a cup of water with 1 tbsp salt & 2 tbsp borax for 12 hours & let it dry for 24 hrs. Dip the string in melted wax & place under cold running water to stiffen the wax.
  • Moulds of different shapes – different shapes of glass, utensils, container or ready-made moulds.
    Cooking oil.
  • Stearic acid (optional) – to make candle more opaque, durable & to intensify the colour.





  • Melt wax in a double boiler taking full precaution not to splash water in hot wax.
  • Add stearic acid if required.


  • Insert the wick in mould & secure one end inside the mould with wax & another with tying it around the pencil.
  • Pour the hot wax in the mould.

  • Remove candle when totally cooled.





  • For coloured wax use different utensil for every colour. If colour blocks or crayons are used, add their shavings to melted wax & stir well.
  • Coat the mould with oil from inside.


  • Before the wax sets, tap the sides of the mould several times or poke long stick or knitting needle to release the trapped air bubbles.
  • Wax shrinks as it cools hence keep pouring melted wax until it overflows.


























More fun with candles:

  • Put cubes of coloured wax in mould & pour in plain melted wax or vice versa.
  • Pour little wax in glass (pillar mould), when semi-set add little crushed ice & then again pour wax. Make layers of ice & wax similarly.
  • For snow or ice cream effect – melt wax, when semi-set churn with a hand beater & then apply the wax lather where required.
  • Coat spoon with oil & then dip spoon in melted wax, cool for few seconds & dip it again.
  • Fine petals are ready to make roses. You can also try shells to make decorative pieces.

  • For Hurricane shells, make thick walls of wax using 2 containers of different shapes.
  • Insert dried leaves, dried petals, glitter or decorative articles for decorative candles.
  • Fragranced oil can be added to wax for scented candles.

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