• Cloth – cotton, muslin, cotton denim, silk, satin.
  • Dye – to colour fabric.
  • Uniodized Salt, White Vinegar, gloves, newspaper


  • Plan your design & colour combination before starting to work.
  • Select white coloured or any light coloured material, wash it thoroughly & iron it before use.
  • Part of design where cloth colour is to be maintained, tie the cloth with thread properly leaving no space in between.
  • To dye fabric, start with light colours first. Mix dye & water in plastic tub as indicated on package. Also add salt as a colour fixative or vinegar for silk.
  • Leave the cloth in dye for around 20 minutes & then rinse in clear, lukewarm water. Remove excess water & dry.
  • For second colour, part of design where first colour is to be maintained, tie & then dye with second colour.

Experiments with Tie & Dye:

  • Marbles, grains, pulses, coins, pebbles, bottle tops, hooks, wooden blocks, etc can be tied in cloth & then dye.
  • Tie simple knots in fabric & then dye.
  • Take long stitches over the pattern in cloth, pull the thread from both the sides & gather cloth tightly in between, now dye the cloth.
  • Crample the whole cloth & tie roughly to make a ball, now dye.
  • Hold the cloth from corners, tie the thread at equal intervals & then dye the cloth.
  • Trace the design on cloth & tie the cloth in small pinches over the pattern line, now dye the cloth.
  • To give stripes effect, gather cloth horizontally, tie at equal intervals & dye. Now repeat the same process gathering cloth vertically.
  • For Spiral type, Lay the shirt flat pinch center of shirt with a clip, & then begin twisting the shirt somewhat tightly around the pin until it becomes a thick, flat disk. Tie a 2-inch wide 2 – 3 cloth strip around the outside edge of the disk. Dip half of the disk into the dye, rinse without releasing ties. Die with 2nd & 3rd colour giving disk a ¼ turn each time.




















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